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Music Artist  Ashley

Ashley is an exciting artist, with
a burning Hot future! His music
is dynamic, soulful and inspiring,
with hooks that reel you in, and
keep you coming back. And on
stage Ashley is a Shining Star!
Please select play all songs, from
sample song tracks off Ashley's CD
titled, "Twelve Days In January".
Twelve Days in January
The first single on this
CD, "Come Into Love",
is a heart pounding rock
song that will grab you!
"Weight Of Emotion", is
a deeply catching song
that'll enthrall your soul. You'll Love this New CD!
"Twelve Days in January"
Ashley was born in South Africa, and
raised in Canada. He taught himself
to play guitar at the age of nineteen.
In the year of 1999 Ashley moved to
San Diego, CA, to pursue his music.
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