Inna Bredereck News:
Inna is proud to present her
redesigned website. Please
visit Inna's galleries to see
her new artwork. Click Here
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Artist Inna  Bredereck
Inna Bredereck
Introducing Inna Bredereck. She's
an Artist that creates awesome Art.
She paints with water-based acrylic
on canvas. Inna says, "I love pure
beauty and I love to show beauty.
Natures splendor is life's treasure."
Inna discovered creating Art when
she was a young girl. Russian born
in Saint Petersburg. She presently
resides in Baden-Baden, Germany.
Soul, Watercolor
Inna creates stunning colorful works of
art. Nature presents it's seasonal show
of flowers in bloom. Inna loves natures
show, and paints it's beauty on canvas.
Town, Watercolor
Each painting is an original, and can
become the centerpiece of any living
or working space. Inna's art conveys
simple themes that reflect real life.
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