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Photographer  Jordan Strauss
Jordan Strauss
Jordan Strauss is not an average
photographer. He's an Artist that
uses his Camera, as a brush, to
paint on film.
He shoots the "Electric-Moment"
which instantly draws him into
what he sees. He combines what
he sees with his feelings. Like
Magic "Click" a Photo is born!
Clouds Over A Pool 2001, South Hampton, NY, USA
Viewers of his photos
lose themselves in the
solitary objects, lines,
geometric shapes and
motion. The image he
sees in his viewfinder
syncs with the flasher
inside his creative eye.
September Waves At Venice Beach, CA, USA
Jordan's eyes are,
drawn into, colorful
vibrant imagery. He
calls, Venice Beach,
CA, his home town.
Jordan Strauss says,
Venice beach, is a
consistent source of
inspirations, for me
to explore my inner
self, and create Art.
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