5. Knowing What Love Is
6. Drivin
7. Love Has Gone
8. Ignorance Is Bliss
9. Time
10. Lonely
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Music Artist  Karen Fay
Karen Fay
Karen Fay cut her musical teeth
and honed her songwriting chops
singing backup for bands across
Arizona, California, and beyond.
She gets her hooks in you right
from the get go with unbeatable
rhythm, and Hot Melody Hooks!
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Please select play all songs, from
sample song tracks off her newest
CD album titled, "EMPIRIC LYRIC"
Fay's newest CD album
titled, "Empiric Lyric", is
an Excellent, No-Frills,
blend of soulful vocals,
catchy Melodies, and
simple arrangements,
that let the music take
center stage. Fay is a
wonderful vocalist that
can come across with a
hard bite, or soft touch!
Karen is an example
of what a songwriter
can do with rock-solid
material. She's got a
voice that demands
to be heard! Her CD album features; Jim
Woodling,  Danny
Patterson of "Phunk
Junkeez" on Guitars.
& drums by Ken Mary.
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