Martha C. Wilson News:
Martha is proud to present
her newest website. Please
visit Martha's galleries. See
her new artwork! Click Here
Photography by Mark Zeller

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Venice  Artist  Martha C. Wilson
Martha C. Wilson
Introducing, Art Girl! Martha is a
master with her medium, oil on canvas. Her whimsical, and joyful
paintings speak for themselves.
Simply she loves to paint. You'll
feel her 'Lava Love' flow to you!
See Martha's Galleries Click Here
She "Got Noticed" on Venice Beach
Boardwalk, CA. We were fortunate
to have noticed her fabulous Art!
Follow the Sunshine to Martha's Art Gallery!
Martha is a fun person
to hang out with. She's
devoted to the love of
creating new paintings.
Her warm good natured
persona is apparent in
her whimsical child like
brightly colored fun-art!
Follow the Sunshine to Martha's Art Gallery . .
Visit the LaughingVolcano!
Martha named her old Art Studio,
the, "Laughing Volcano", after a
childhood joke, "What did the man
Volcano say to the lady Volcano? . .
I Lava You!" From Norfolk, VA, to LA,
Martha brightens everyone's day!
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