Mick Toto Latest News:
Mick is in the studio cutting
song tracks for a new album.
He will be performing his new
songs at Hollywood venues.
Photography by Mark Zeller

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Music Artist  Mick Toto
Mick Toto

Mick is a "Classic Rock 'n' Roller"
He's got contemporary style, and
writes original songs. Mick's music
proves that righteous classic rock,
will always be an American favorite.
Hear Mick Rock n' Roll Click Here
"Mick Toto is a classic rocker and
 this California rock-n-roller's CD
"Be A Rocker" personifies rock!"
Mick Toto was the lead
singer for the popular
1960's group The Ants.
The Ants performed at
the infamous Pandora's
Box that was located on
Sunset Strip Blvd, West
Hollywood, California.
The Ants were produced
by the great Johnny Otis
and Eldorado Records.
Mick's newest CD album
is titled, "Be A Rocker".
Mick delivers his song "Be A Rocker"
with powerful energy. Mick also sings
songs by the Eagles and the Beatles.
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