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Photographer  Vladi Sytnik
Vladi Sytnik
Vladi Sytnik is an accomplished
photographer & graphic designer.
He has a background in drawing
& fine Arts. Vladi worked in NYC
during the nineties & is currently
based in Los Angeles, CA. He is
the founder & photographic Artist
for the California Image gallery.
Visit Vladi's site for Free Photos!
Vladi's Photo Galleries
feature scenic photos
portraying the natural
beauty of Los Angeles
& California. Vladi has
an amazing sense for
capturing warm colorful
intimate images at the
right place & moment!
Vladi's inspirations
for his Artful Photos
of scenic landscapes
& architecture come
from his admiration
of Nature's beauty.
His online Galleries
feature Photo Art of
Oceans, Coastlines, Sensational Sunsets,
Mountains, Deserts,
and the entire Earth.
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