3. Heavy
11. Spin
12. Regret
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Music Artist  Dan Sanfilippo
Dan San Band

The Dan San Band is a groove rock
band whose music is both retro and
modern. It's Funk and Rock, Blues
and Pop, Jazz and Alternative. It's
catchy melodies are totally for real.
Dan San Band Website Click Here
The songs on their self-titled debut
CD delivers nonstop hooks, bouncy
grooves, and unforgettable lyrics.
James Murphy, and Dan Sanfilippo
Dan Sanfilippo fronts the band on his
Rhodes while singing his unique lyrics
with passion & clarity. James Murphy
on bass Guitar, John Tomulonis is on
Drums, and Andy Laughlin on Guitars.
Listen to songs from Dan San Band's CD,
Hear both of the CDs,
then buy them today!
Listen to all the songs
from Dan San Band's
Hear both of the CDs,
then buy them today!

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