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Music Artist  Wes Styles
Wes Styles Crazy?
We noticed Wes Styles may have
gone insane. Extremely talented
music artist, Wes Styles, told us
to give away his newest album for
free. His newest album self-titled,
"The BetaMax Collection", is Hot.
"The BetaMax Collection" contains
(15) new, top of the charts, songs.
These songs are awesome to play
anywhere, especially in your Car.
The BetaMax Collection
Dan San Band combines Dan Sanfilippo's
smooth melodic vocals with funky Fender
Rhodes riffs, jazzy funky bass lines, rock
drumming, and power pop guitars, for a
uniquely entertaining mixture of sounds.
Joanna McMeikan
Listen to all the song
samples from her CD
"Breaking The Habit"
Hear an award wining
artist Now! Click Here
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