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Photographer  Jim Steinfeldt
Jim Steinfeldt
Jim's "Elusive Studios" is a haven
for music, film and TV artists. Jim
has photographed MILES DAVIS,
Bob Dylan, Madonna, Green Day,
Nirvana, and thousands more!
His famous photographs appear in hundreds of publications including
Rolling Stone, SPIN, and Time.
Zack Wylde and his "Wylde" guitar by Jim Steinfeldt
Zack Wylde came to my studio and we
had a great time making photographs
of him and his "Wylde" guitars. I have
photographed him since his Ozzy days.
GODHEAD by Jim Steinfeldt
Godhead was the first band on the
Marilyn Manson label. I created their
first publicity photograph utilizing my
uniquely special color cross-process.
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