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'Flourish' by Kasondra Rose
A book of poetry about life
and love. Poems that have
rhythm, grace, and dance
across it's pages. Find out
about her book! Click Here
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Kasondra Rose
Kasondra is a skillful songstress
who's comfortable within the realm
of her influence, but she has found
her own distinct voice and sounds.
She's a multi-talented artist and
not only writes all her music, but
she can also dance, write poetry,
and she is a fun live act. You will
feel real passion in all her songs!
Kasondra Rose 3 Song CD Sampler
$5.00 USD
Kasondra at the Daiquiri Deck, St. Pete, Florida
Kasondra's father played
the drums right behind
her mother, who sang,
and played keyboards.
She has fond memories
of listening to her mom
sing harmonies to all of
the songs on the radio,
and remembers watching
as she played her songs,
over and over again, to
learn all of the words.
Kasondra at ProStar Recording Studios
Kasondra is currently performing her
solo acoustic act in the Tampa Bay,
Florida area. Show Dates Click Here
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