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Music Artist  Kat Parsons
Kat Parsons
Kat Parsons is a sensational singer
and savvy songwriter. Kat's songs
resonate with her smooth-as-silk
sweet vocal performances. She is
an exciting live entertainer that will
make you want to go to her shows.
"Kat Parsons played her acoustic
heart out on a giant stage only to
dominate every square inch of it!"
No Will Power
Parsons' new CD album
titled, "No Will Power",
won the 05 Grand Prize
for Acoustic Live, and
runner-up for, "Album
of the Year", at the 05
DIY Music Festival. Kat
has toured the US and
Europe since releasing
her debut album titled,
"Framing Caroline" Kat
is a sensational Star!
Kat was born to her
parents Darrell and
Julie Parsons in one
of Europe's musical
cities, Vienna. Kat's
father was an Opera
singer in the Vienna
Opera House. Kat's
mother sings and
plays the keyboard.
Music flows from the
Parsons family tree!
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