1. Hope
4. Fool
5. Fate
7. Alone
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Music Artist  Marina V
Marina V
Marina's music is a magic blend
of her angelic vocals, thoughtful
lyrics, hooky melodies, and fresh
chord progressions, that makes
this new music artist truly special.
Russian born, and now based in
LA, CA. Marina V is an intriguing
vocalist, pianist, and songstress,
with a very incredible life story!
Modern Fairytale
You got see Marina's next Show!
Marina's emotionally intensive live shows
are breathtaking and electrifying with her
mesmerizing voice reaching out to every
single person in the audience. Marina is
an intriguing performer. See Marina Live!
.        Simple Magic
 Hear Marina's 5th CD,
Listen to all Marina V
songs. We hope you'll
like them. Hear it Free
Something of My Own
Hear Marina's 4th CD,
"Something of My Own"
This is Marina's 1st
"Hit" CD. Hear it Free
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