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Kasondra Rose
Noticing multitalented Kasondra!
Kasondra is a multi-talented artist.
She is a skillful songwriter who is
comfortable within the realms of
her influences, but she has found
her own distinct voice and sounds.
Kasondra is a sensational singer!
She can dance and is the author
of a poetry book titled, "Flourish".
Kasondra's book of
poems are about life
and love. Poems that
have rhythm and
grace. Find out about
her book! Read more
Jim Steinfeldt

Jim's "Elusive Studios"
is a haven for music,
film, and TV artists. Jim
has photographed Green
Day, Madonna, Nirvana,
Miles Davis, Bob Dylan,
Godhead, Zack Wylde
and thousands more.
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Rockin' Mick Toto
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